from 18 August 2020.

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Exhibition:My Architecture Diary by Dragan Strunjaš (Belgrade, RS)

Please click the link to visit My Architectural Diary :

Exhibition:Federal Assistance Disaster Relief Emergency Management Magic 8 Ball by FÜF  (Puerto Rico)

Link to Interactive Website:

Exhibition: def.sound’s”Trill.Allah”;an interactive music video experience by Mike Leisz and Leila Jarman (Los Angeles,US)

Link to Interactive Music Video:

Exhibition: “Narrativarte” by Luna Dian Setya (Surakarta, Indonesia)

Performance: Literature show  “Storystream” live by Marek Mardosewicz (Poland)

Exhibition: VOICE, A PERFORMANCE ART MOVIE (with English subtitles) by Sylviatoyindustries (San Francisco California U.S.A.)

Exhibition: FFF – MALTA by U-rss+FFF Marc Veyrat Franck Soudan (France)

Exhibition: THE SEED by Angelina Voskopoulou (Athens, Greece)

Performance: Prayer before Birth, Persephone by Muriel Louveau (Paris, France),duration 5m40s

Exhibition:Alexandras Fly Dance by Alexandra Holownia (Berlin, Germany)

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