Muriel Louveau – Prayer before Birth, Persephone

Performance (4h NOvember 2017at 8pm)

Muriel Louveau : Prayer before Birth, Persephone

(Paris, France)

The Song “Prayer before Birth , Persephone” has been co composed by Muriel Louveau and English cellist Tanera Dawkins. The video featuring Muriel\’s performance has been created by visual artist Holly Warburton for the multi media show Edda , inspired by the ancient iceland saga which tells the story of Creation and within that the 4 elements , water, air , earth ,fire. That piece draws into the theme of metamorphosis through the greek myth of Persephone.

Muriel Louveau is a French composer, performance-maker, and singer. She began performing at age five and went on to study the history of art and to follow the vocal training program of Roy Hart Theater. She refers to her compositions as neo classical vocal music inspired by ancient and foreign sound, and she creates her own imaginary language. International Highlights: New York: Next Wave Festival at BAM, Le Poisson Rouge, Galapagos Arts Space. Baltimore: Conservatory of Peabody. Europe, Russia (SKIFF), Austria, Latvia (French Spring festival), France (Lille 3000).