4th-11th December

def.sound’s”Trill.Allah”;an interactive music video experience


Mike Leisz and Leila Jarman (Los Angeles,US)

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Los Angeles based rapper and one of L.A. Weekly’s Artists to Watch in 2017, def.sound,and acclaimed new media artists and filmmakers Mike Leisz and Leila Jarman’s latest collaboration comes in the form of an interactive music video.

About the work:
For this video, interactivity was a way to bring the music forward. Mouse input reframes the viewer as an instrumentalist and allows the video to serve as a kind of synesthetic musical accompaniment. Mike has always been fascinated by small corners of the internet that interrupt our daily browsing and where HTML, keyboard, and mouse are suddenly transformed into tools of creative expression.

We chose the browser as the medium for Trill.Allah because its capability for user input and code based anatomy allowed us to get near infinite visual results. The visual canvas, programmed in JavaScript, is a simulation of a basic analog video feedback system, where a camera is pointed at a TV that is also displaying the cameras feed. However, it was important for the song that the human performance and lyricism be kept in focus. def’s performance idiosyncrasies and the rhythm of the track are fed back into the visuals, determining their colors and quality and creating a hypnotic void where the lyrics can stand at the forefront of the video.

Directed/Edited/Coded by Mike Leisz  and Leila Jarman
Shot by Ashwin Vaswani
Make-Up by Madison Rene Knapp
Song Produced by Zack Sekoff

Vimeo render for anyone who is not on a computer or is not in chrome or firefox

Trill Allah from Leila Jarman/Mad-as.hell on Vimeo.