Today Live

20th May at 11pm UTC

Performance live:

“Micro punta”


Oblinof (Buenos Aires, AR)



Posted by Oblinof Kohara on недеља 20. мај 2018.

 “Micro punta”
Its about a delivery of health sound. Taking enviroment texture into morphogenic formation of knowledge. Wifi transmision in order to success the inner eye. Subtitle your unconscious for data update. Now we are sisters of the hardrive. And we care about you, more than us, because our body its only metamaterial frequency.

Oblinof is an audiovisual artist, exploring the limits of the nicknames and the postmodern constructions of identity trough postinternet art. Her work was exhibit in diferents gallerys/spaces of Argentina, España, Mexico, Costa Rica, Francia, E.E.U.U, and Rusia.

Artist’s website: