Alexandra Holownia – Alexandras Fly Dance

Online Exhibition (1-3 November 2017)

Alexandra Holownia – Alexandras Fly Dance

(Berlin, Germany)

Alexandra Holownia in her drawings, sketches and costumes and performances temines the parts of the female body, focusing breasts. Preliminary sketches and costumes of sculptures used in actions in public space. Creates a new definition of moving sculpture

Alexandra Holownia Born in Wrzesnia, Poland, 1964. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

  • SELECTED MUSEUM  2007,Ucity Art Museum of GAFA, Ghaungzou,China 2010, Fluxmuseum, Fort Worth,USA 2011, with Harald Szeeman´s archiv in The Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles,USA
  • SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS  2016, Project spaces art.endart, Berlin, Germany 2015, Refenbogenfabrik, Berlin, Germany
  • SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS (if any) 2015, Deutsch 1914/Papua Niuguini 2014, Alte Feuerwache, Berlin, Germany 2013, I wish China…, Seredipidy Gallery, Berlin, Germany
  • SELECTED BIENNIALS  2016, Manifesta 11 – Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich, Switzerland 2011, Kovno Biennale with US Fluxus Group, Kovno, Lithuania
  • SELECTED AWARDS 2004, Ministry for Science,Research and Culture, Berlin, Germany