Storystream live by Marek Mardosewicz

25th November at 5pm UTC
Literature show
live by
Marek Mardosewicz (Poland)

With every last Saturday of Month, within six months, a new story will be streamed. Without limits of ideas and concepts. 6 hours livewriting performance, for 6 months. Let’s stream together.

Marek Mardosewicz (born 1990) Marek Mardosewicz – writer, dramaturgist, performer, poet, musician. Graduated from Jagiellonian University, Economical University in Cracow, Academy of Fine Arts in Bordeaux, Academy of Fine Arts in Szczecin. Two of his theater plays have been put on stage (2014 and 2016). Performed during art festivals and as a part of collective projects. Recently, he focuses mostly on online camera performances and video arts.

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