FÜF: Federal Assistance Disaster Relief Emergency Management Magic 8 Ball

21st-24th December

Federal Assistance Disaster Relief Emergency Management Magic 8 Ball


FÜF  (Puerto Rico)

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It is a digital art website very specific to debt and hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico, a form of neo-resistance SPAM against decades of shameless colonialism from the U.S. and the classic colonized inferior mentality of dependance in a more \”powerful\” entity. It is created from the uncertainty that this natural disaster crisis has caused and the discontent of crisis management by the local and federal government. It is based on the \”Magic 8 Ball\” by Mattel®, a fortune-telling toy that \”predicts\” your future. The analogy of 8 Ball is critical in the face of uncertainty and not having a stable emergency management administration and lack of control. Has more than 50 bilingual replies contextualized to Puerto Rico after the María hurricane. It also raises awareness about issues such as governmental corruption, mismanagement, post-colonialism, petro-dependence, post-hurricane reality. It assumes a visual identity similar to the governmental one but it is critical and at the same time a humorous relief to deal with crisis and uncertainty.

Interactive Coded Website: ayudadefema.org

Gabriella Torres Ferrer – With a BA in architecture, political and environmental awareness have been an inevitable preoccupation in my work. I tend to think my work blurs boundaries between art and architecture. Utilizing new media, design, artist books, sculpture, human interaction, landscape interventions, to explore the Puerto Rico that is, a subordinated unincorporated territory of the United States, not its idealized aspiration. Key accomplishments to this date: my participation in the Occupy Museums project at the Whitney Biennial 2017 on debt and the projects concerning artivism and sculpture.

artist website: ggggg.gr/